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Available now! The heart pounding Season Finale of The Maroon

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  • The “Season Finale” of The Maroon has arrived, and it is a massive closer to arcs that reach back as far as issue 2! Written by Derek W. Lipscomb and Rose Coles, this issue will change things going forward!

    Isaiah has finally caught up to Matilda and her captors, despite the unfavorable circumstances. However, this will not be an easy rescue, for there are revelations of deceit and treachery from all angles! Will the Maroon make the difficult choice regarding his unborn dilemma? And what does Hinton’s involvement in these matters bring? Don’t miss this exciting “Season finale”, that wraps up several ongoing threads with jaw-dropping conclusions!

    Also, Comic Con Revolution is coming, and providing life decides to intervene or not, I will be there! Along with Brian Coles, writer and artist for The Mighty Riff and The Happy Middle, we will be in a prime spot at table P1! Come by and and say “Hi!”

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