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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AIC Comics Launches Kickstarter Campaign for GraphicNovel “Um Khuzi: Origin” SHENZHEN, China, April 8, 2019 –

    Independent publisher of comics and graphic novels, AIC Comics has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for their next graphic novel, Um Khuzi: Origin. Coming off the recent success of their first graphic novel, AIC (American in China) Comics is offering bigger rewards for their biggest crowdfunding campaign to date. Fans of indie comics and graphic novels are sure to enjoy a unique story with a diverse cast – including an African protagonist – drawn by an African artist.

    AIC Comics continues to dazzle fans of comics and receive accolades from the Indie comic community with their distinctive combination of writer and creator Michael Kelley’s experiences as a foreigner living in China with traditional Chinese mythology and culture. Their newest graphic novel – Um Khuzi: Origin – centers on a young Um Khuzi, a boy from a poor village in early 19th century Sudan, who after witnessing the murder of his parents grows up to become one of the most ruthless warlords in North Africa.
    Um Khuzi rises through the ranks of the criminal underworld until he is powerful enough to have his revenge on those who took his family. However, his lust for power soon corrupts him. He becomes cruel and merciless, which leads to an encounter with a demon and a series of events that place him at the crossroads of seeking redemption or allowing vengeance to consume him.

    Like other projects from AIC Comics, Um Khuzi: Origin is inspired by writer Michael Kelley’s personal experiences, along with Chinese mythology and culture. The fundraiser, which is the publisher’s third Kickstarter campaign, will not only help the completion of the project, but will also give backers an opportunity to enjoy a number of unique and exclusive rewards, including: various editions of the graphic novel, custom covers by well-renowned artists, and the chance to become a recurring character in the AIC Comics universe. As the campaign progresses, additional rewards will go out to backers,including milestone bonuses. The first bonus goes out to the first 20 backers, each of whom will receive a free comic book for their pledge.

    Furthermore, a portion of the funds generated from this campaign will go to the artist behind the graphic novel, Mukah “Ispa” Ispahani. Ispa is a talented artist from Cameroon whose home has been overtaken by political unrest and violence. The funds will assist Ispa in securing the resources he needs to stay safe, so he can complete the artwork for the final pages of this book and continue on with its sequel in the near future. Interested persons can donate to the campaign and enjoy the amazing rewards on Kickstarter at More information about AICComics can be found on their website at

    About AIC Comics- AIC Comics was founded by Michael Kelley, an American expat from Portland, Oregon now living with his wife in Shenzhen China. Having dreamed of writing his own comics for years, Michael finally launched several titles under his self-publishing brand, AIC Comics in April 2017. Michael’s stories are influenced by his experiences and observations as an expat,traditional Chinese culture and mythology, and the comics he read as a child during the late 80s and early 90s. His work has received glowing reviews and awards, including Comic of the Week and a nomination for Comic of the Year by ComixCentral.

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