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When we sat down to figure out the cover of our Best of Indie Anthology there were plenty of ideas tossed around the room. It was honestly one of the toughest decisions we had to make so far in this process. “We could hire Jim Lee, he would want to do it right?” jokingly (I think anyways) a team member shouted to the group. After the laughter stopped we collectively decided that the best idea was to hold a contest.

We wanted this Anthology to be for the Indie Community, it was to be a collection of their work and one of them deserved to be on the cover! So we decided to open submissions and the rest was history. We received so many brilliant ideas by some really exceptional artists. Though one idea stood above the rest. It was a no-brainer for us really. Craig Johnson, creator of the Project Saviour Comic Book Series hit us with a fantastic idea! It incorporated our theme of family so well it really made us all excited!

“I was surprised I had won” said Johnson.

“I’ve never won a competition before, I’ll admit I struggled to come up with a cover that really got the message of family to come through. Then I started to think about all the amazing comics on ComixCentral and the creators behind them. I have become close with many of them since I started out with Project Savior. Family doesn’t always mean blood, and this cover will show how much a family the ComixCentral Community is!”

The cover is not complete at the time of announcement but, when it is we will share it like crazy! For now, we will leave you waiting to see it anxiously! Congratulations to Craig, and thank you to all of you who took the time to submit an idea. We wish we didn’t have to choose only one.

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Joey Sheehan

Joey Sheehan is the Editor-In-Chief of both CXCBuzz and ComixCentral. If you would like to get yourself or your work featured on CXCBuzz send him an email at