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Author: Joey Sheehan

Lost Time – Issue 3: Menagerie

Against her grandfather’s warnings, Wren attempts to enter the outside world. Through her attempts, she learns distressing truths and begins to question her surroundings.

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Five for Creating With Bill Walko

This week we chat with Bill Walko the creator of The Hero Business a weekly web-comic which is currently available in collected graphic novel form through Bill’s active Kickstarter campaign. 

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Nailing Page One

Fellow creators might feel that it’s hardly fair to judge a book by just thumbing through the pages. I would agree except that that is exactly how most of us make our choice on what to read and what to buy.

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The Maroon

The Maroon combines Leone’s Man with No Name trilogy with the fantastic mythology of American legends and history.

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The Owl Tribe

The Owl Tribe is a comic that revolves around a hunt for a beast straight out of the Native American (and Norse!) legends.

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