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Author: Leigh Jeffery

ComixCentral Notice

So, you must have missed the newsletter, multiple Twitter and Facebook announcements, banners, and notices on ComixCentral and all the chatter in general. I’m here with some bad news.

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Some Sad News

Hello CXC fam! This isn’t going to be a fun press release. In fact, it’s going to be a very sad one.

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New Release — Miskatonic High – Issue #1

In the rustic hills of the small New England town of Miskatonic lies the prestigious Miskatonic High School. When the Community Service Club goes on a field trip, they’ll be launched on a terrifying adventure that will change their lives and birth an evil into our modern century.

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New Release: Neotheric #4

Return of the King: Conclusion! All hell broke loose when the savage dinos attacked the N.P.T.F. agents and National Guard troops in an attempt to recover the precious object lost when they first crash-landed.

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