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Bad Beaver Comics Presents: The Fallen

    Bad Beaver Comics Presents: The Fallen

    Fallen #1 – Kickstarter Now Live!

    Ottawa, Ontario Canada (March 28thth 2019)

    Matt Ringel (writer/creator) has teamed up with Henry Ponciano (Artist – Alterna Comics Tinsel Town, The Devil Within) for his premier comic series, Fallen. Fallen is a mature tale that blends mystery with mythology.

    The story takes place in 1986’s New York City, clans of gods have become crime families controlling the lawless underworlds around Earth. When Zeus is murdered at the hands of a mysterious killer. Casper Clay, Zeus’ immortal servant turned private detective must find the answers. Who killed Zeus and how were they able to kill a god? Casper will have to navigate those same lawless underworlds he was once part of but this time without the support of the Olympian family behind him. As he gets closer to the truth, he learns that there may be more at stake than finding justice for Zeus, the realms of man and god may hang in the balance.

    Readers are going to feel nostalgic as Casper Clay chases down leads and dodges dangers in the vibrant, synth-pop era of the 80’s. Fallen #1 will be a 22 page first chapter to an ongoing series. Crowdfunding for the project is now live on Kickstarter with the projected goal of $5000 (CAD). There are several tiers for backers to choose from that having varying rewards consisting of digital and physical copies of issue #1 as well as digital and physical bonus items. You can find the Kickstarter at

    Creator Bio

    Matt Ringel – Born and raised in Ontario Canada, Matt is a long-time fan of comics. He’s been into creative writing for decades and always wanted to write a comic book. With his degree in Criminology and interests of ancient mythology, he created the series Fallen to marry both passions to create this detective story. Matt is also co-host of Nerdium, a podcast that discusses nerd and geek culture. It was here he connected with many working in the comic industry and found his starting point on the project. Matt can be reached at .

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