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Five for Creating with Dylan Andrews the creator of ARCHIVE

Five for Creating with Dylan Andrews the creator of ARCHIVE

Welcome to Five for Creating! An interview series here at ComixCentral where we focus on getting to know Indie Creators and what they are working on through a series of five questions. This week we chat with Dylan Andrews the creator of ARCHIVE: The WarHood Odyssey a comic series which is currently Kickstarting its fifth issue HERE

1. Tell us about ARCHIVE: The WarHood Odyssey.

My series is about an unwilling and unlikely hero that is forced to use a futuristic weapon against its creator to save a dying planet. It’s inspired by over the top 90’s chromium age action comics that I grew up reading. I’ve always wanted to try and capture the magic that I felt while reading the Image Comics books like Savage Dragon, Spawn, WildCats, Youngblood, and Cyberforce! So I created ARCHIVE The WarHood Odyssey!

2.  Who is your favorite character to write/draw in the series? Is there a particular reason why?

I love drawing all of the characters, but the main character is Era Nalyd, who wears The WarHood! He’s fun to draw because he’s got a lot of the things I love about characters I grew up reading. He’s dark like Batman, Spawn and Darkness, and he’s muscular like Venom, Hulk and Savage Dragon!

3. This is issue #5, what are your plans for this run? Do you have a set story arc or will you continue on for as long as you are inspired?

The plan is to have an incredibly successful issue #5! I have some ideas about what happens after that.

4. I’ve heard you mention your love for the comics of the 90s. If you could do a crossover issue with one character of that era who would it be and why?

That’s a great question… All of them? Can I say all of them? I think that my character would be an awesome crossover with any founding Image Comics book… It’s funny because crossovers were so much fun when I was growing up, they were so exciting! Marvel Vs DC and all the Image books crossing with other companies. They don’t really do that anymore, I remember Batman and Spawn crossing over… that sort of stuff doesn’t happen anymore.

5. Here at ComixCentral we are about promoting all things Indie Comics. So, besides your own work. What is one Indie Property or creator you think people should go check out?

There’s SO many incredible creators making awesome stuff right now! My friend Ben Bishop is doing the variant cover for my book, we share a studio and he’s doing so many awesome things as an independent publisher! The artist doing commissions for my campaign, Joseph Schmalke, Ian Chase Nichols, Bill Walko, and Rich Woodall are fantastic creators! They’re working with Scout Comics, Altered Reality, and Kickstarting their own series!

Click here to Support the Kickstarter for ARCHIVE: The WarHood Odyssey

Dylan Andrews is a designer, artist, and comic book creator. He has been working professionally for almost 20 years in the field of publishing. He has done six successfully funded Kickstarter campaigns for his comic book ARCHIVE The WarHood Odyssey. He started reading comics when he was 5 years old, and he has always wanted to use his knowledge of art, design, and publishing to create his own comic books.
He is so happy to be part of the vibrant comic book creating community in Portland Maine. He loves the over the top chromium age 90s comics from my youth and he wants to bring back the excitement and energy that those comics had for himself to a modern audience.
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