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Five for Creating with Lisa LaRose

Five for Creating with Lisa LaRose

Welcome to Five for Creating! An interview series here at ComixCentral where we focus on getting to know Indie Creators and what they are working on through a series of five questions. This week we chat with Lisa LaRose artist and creator of Rise of the White Phoenix which is currently available on Kickstarter!

1. Tell us about Rise of the White Phoenix.

 Rise of the White Phoenix is a comic about a young girl names Luisa who wants to become a Luchadora: a Mexican wrestler. Luisa has been keeping her fighting a secret from her father, who does not approve, but he’s been keeping secrets too… 

2. What inspired you to want to tell this story?

I really want more comics where girls punch and kick to exist, so I decided to make one. I chose Lucha Libre because it is full of secret identities and colourful character designs, which makes for a really fun world to write/draw.

3. I really enjoy the art style you use in the book, its quite different from the prints you have available as rewards. Whats the biggest difference for you working in this style vs the more realistic approach in the available prints?

The main reason: Time. The prints I have are part of my personal series of acrylic paintings I call: The Bizarre and Colourful. Right now it takes me about 100 hours to complete a painting, so I knew anything in that style would not be very realistic for a comic (at least not yet). I love children’s comics and children’s cartoons, so my comics style is really based off of the kinds of comics I like to read (Raina Telgemier, Faith Erin Hicks, etc). Also, my comic art is 100% digital, where the paintings are traditional. 

4. What are your plans for the future of your luchadora? Do you have a long run planned or are you taking it story by story?

The entire story is loosely planned out – it will have an ending, and I know how I want it to end. That being said, I still have a lot of room to play around in the middle of the story – there are plenty of themes I could explore. My Kickstarter is for Book 1, which is the Prologue and Chapter 1. I plan to do two more books to finish the story. 

5. Here at ComixCentral we are all about promoting all things Indie. With that being said, besides yourself and your projects, what is one Indie property or creator you think people need to go check out right now?

Gigi D G’s Cucumber Quest! It’s really cute, has amazing designs and writing, and has the most gorgeous colour palettes!

Lisa Lindsay LaRose is a Vancouver-based artist. By day she makes art. By night she makes more art (or plays video games). She paints, illustrates, works in the games industry, and sometimes she even makes comics.

Her current projects include a series of paintings: The Colorful and Bizarre, a comic book: Rise of the White Phoenix, and is participating artist for Book 3 of Encounters with the Imaginary.

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