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Five For Creating with Matthew Zinn

    Five For Creating with Matthew Zinn

    Welcome to Five for Creating! An interview series here at CXC Buzz where we focus on getting to know Indie Creators and what they are working on through a series of five questions. This week we chat with Matthew Zinn of Infinite Cosmos Comics.

    1. Tell us about Infinite Cosmos Comics.

    Well we are a group of guys from all over the place USA, Canada, India, were even talking with some creators from Africa who might be included in the group soon. Basically were all huge comics fans and all want to create comics, we all have jobs, college etc. So our time is somewhat limited. By working together we can create enough good content for a book that will come out on a somewhat reasonable schedule. The comics range from science fiction, fantasy to action adventure. We are not political at all, just fun old fashioned escapist entertainment. 

    2. Tell us the structure of the magazine? What can a reader expect when they purchase the book.

    The book is an anthology, each creator presents his own story, it’s not really a shared universe at this point although their may be some crossover in the future possibly. One thing that is somewhat different is in addition to comics we also have written stories as well, so in a 32 page book you may get a 5 or 6 page written story also. We are trying to keep the book pretty much on a PG level so aside form some violence its pretty clean stuff. I want anyone to be able to enjoy the book young or old. 

    3. You have members from all over the world, how does that dynamic play into building the world of Infinite Cosmos Comics?

    We do have members spread out all over the world. We have a closed group on Facebook and a group chat that everyone pretty much stays logged onto, so when someone wants to talk we all get notified. Pretty much every day we all end up getting together in the chat and help each other collaborate etc. But we also shoot the bull quite a bit too, We’ve become as much a group of friends as anything , and I think that is pretty cool.  

    4.  What is the ideal path you want for your company? Continuing working on your books as is? Maybe opening the doors to other voices? Or something completely different?

     The whole thing started out with myself and Kronos kinda chatting about the idea of doing something, then when we got rolling. Brad Hyman came on board for issue 1 with us , by #2 we added Adam Bennett , and now working on 3 we have John Watts and Raian Elric on board as well . At this point were giving the book away in the form of free downloads, but we are in the process of making some printed books and other merchandise available to hopefully get some cash flow going. We want to use that to grow our audience . We are always open to new creators , and I look at it as a launching point to help people get themselves out there in the public view. In the future I plan to have some spin off books where our individual creators do their own thing and we help them with promotion through the book . 

    5. Here at CXC Buzz we are all about promoting all things Indie. With that being said, besides yourself and your projects, what is one Indie property or creator you think people need to go check out right now?

    Right now there are some pretty big things going on in indie comics, books like Cyberfrog and Jawbreakers are out selling many mainstream comics by a large margin so those are always good. I highly recommend that comic fans shop comics as if they were at the store, if you see something that interests you give it a try, let the little guy have a shot. You might just find your new favorite comic .


         Matthew Zinn is the founder of the Infinite Cosmos Comics Group. He lives on the south Texas coast along with his wife, two children, three dogs, and cat . He has always been a huge comics fan, and his wife puts up with him anyway, LOL.

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