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“Hollow and D.E.E.P.” Kickstarter Project Launched

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  • TAKOMA PARK, M.D. – (June 18, 2019)

    Creator Karim Whalen, in collaboration with industry colorist Danimation2001 (Daniel Salgo, Image, Marvel, DC, and Aspen Comics) and letterer/editor Chas! Pangburn (Darkhorse and IDW comics) have launched the four-issue Kickstarter project Hollow & D.E.E.P., a 128 full-color story about A young woman travels to Antarctica for a new job only to find herself in the middle of mayhem, mystery and mythical monsters!

    The story:

    While on her way to a new job, Victoria stumbles across D.E.E.P., the Department of Exterior Earth Protection and finds herself in a life-or-death scenario with creatures straight out of mythology. Hollow & D.E.E.P. is an ongoing series broken down into four-issue story arcs about Victoria and the Department of Exterior Earth Protection. D.E.E.P.’s main function is to safely return wayward mythical and supernatural beings back to the


    A world within the earth that is only accessible through an other-dimensional portal in Antarctica.

    The project goals:

    Hollow & D.E.E.P., chosen by Kickstarter staff to be featured in the “Projects We Love” category, will be four full-colored digital and printed issues at over 128 pages total. It will include alternate covers and pinups from artists currently working within the comic industry.

    “We plan to fully fund the production via support from Kickstarter backers,” Whalen said. “The funds will be divided appropriately over the major areas of production common to comic creation, and along the way we’ll offer some exclusive and exciting rewards as a thank you to our supporters like T-shirts, three unique Funko Pops, enamel pins and more.”

    All backers will have their names featured in the books and dependent on the tier level have their likeness featured within the comics.

    Who We Are:

    K.R. Whalen is the creator, writer and provides the line art. He works as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer.

    Danimation2001 (Daniel Salgo) provides colors for issue one as well as the cover for issue two. He’s an accomplished colorist with a resume that includes Image Comics, Marvel, DC, and Aspen Comics as well as freelance work for Disney. 

    Chas Pangburn provides edits as well as letters for issue one. He’s provided his skills for many titles, most recently in STRAYED (Dark Horse), METALSHARK BRO (SCOUT), and THE SPIDER KING (IDW). 

    Kickstarter Page:

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