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    Hyper Epics: A Bold Anthology Experience

    (Mount Laurel, NJ) Home of the 3 page sagas, Hyper Epics is a bold anthology series that offers diverse and exciting comic book stories for free on its website ( and also in large format print form.   Offering over 40 stories to choose from and a wide range of genres, the site allows comic fans of all ages to binge read new titles that all deliver memorable storytelling.  Each tale is accompanied with a musical score to add to the immersion experience and there are new titles added each week. A print collection is also available for purchase (promos available by request).  Check out the latest stories at

    Tuna explains, “Hyper Epics–all of them a mere three pages long packed with excitement, heart and action–are a throwback to what comic book stories used to be and can be again.  No need for jump on points or remembering what happened as you wait for the next issue to be released.”

    New creators are encouraged to submit their work via the website and retailers who would like to explore partnerships with the team can connect by email:

    “We aren’t competing with the tights and superpowers crowd” explained Hoover. “We’re an independent team with a pure passion for storytelling.  We want people to walk away with a positive message and something memorable to tell a friend about. To share in unique adventures that is heartfelt at its core.  That we do it in three page installments is a testament to the writing and artistry you’ll find on the site.”

    About Hyperepics:  Home of the 3 page sagas, Hyper Epics is a bold anthology series that offers diverse and exciting comic book stories on its website ( and now in print form.  Each original story is packed with stunning artwork, memorable characters, and captivating stories — quickly becoming a go-to destination for readers worldwide.

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