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IndieGoGo Campaign Is Now Live For Canada Bear Vol. 2

  • Creator Published Comics

  • Canada Bear is a story about an ordinary zoo bear who defends Canada from destructive foes.

    Creator & Artist – Paul Farris | Writer – Sean Wilson

    Canada Bear is a story about an ordinary zoo bear, who gains his superpowers during the Swiss/Canadian Cold War. Yes, the coldest of wars.  Now he must save Canada from the brink of DESTRUCTION by the menacing Dr. Knumbskull!

    CB’s development history starts 9 years ago during Paul’s studies at Edinboro University.  At the time CB was a small animation project for a course for his Animation Major.  Now 8 years later Paul & Sean have brought Paul’s characters to life in a different medium.  Comics!

    SPComics was created after the lifetime friendship turns business partners.  The goal of this campaign is to bring Canada Bear on the map!

    Amazing artwork!!

    Support the Campaign Here

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