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Kickstarter campaign is now live for Project: saviour

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  • Kickstarter campaign is now live for  Project: saviour

    Kickstarter campaign is now live for Project: savior #4, By Craig Johnson

    Sunderland. UK (26/04/2019) Project: Saviour is a comic book about a young man, who one day discovers he has powers. He doesn’t know how or why he got these powers; this sets him on course to uncovering the mystery surrounding the origins of his powers. 

    This story will look at the mental toll of someone who has powers and wants to use them right. How would you deal with the responsibility using your powers to help others? What if you make a mistake? What If that mistake resulted in injury or death of an innocent person? How do you decide to become a hero? Let alone a super-hero. Do you take the path of no killing? Can you stop yourself from going too far? If you were offered everything you ever wanted but a lot of people, including people who didn’t like you would hurt or killed, would you take it?  These questions and more will be answered in Project: Saviour. 

    The style of the book is akin to Sin: City all grey tones but with just the colour red. The main character at the moment has no name, He is referred to as Vigilante mostly. You will discover his real name as the series goes on. If you enjoy comic books like Batman, Superman, Spider-man then this is for you. Imagine the darkness and drive of Batman with Spider-man’s humour while trying to develop a moral compass of Superman. This is not another indie superhero story. This is a story for a new generation to grow up with. 

    The reason behind this campaign is cover the rising cost of printing each issue. Rewards on offer for pledges range from digital copies, physical copies, hoodies and even a character named after you!

    In his review of the series so far, Christian Castillo of Fanbase Press wrote

    “Project: Saviour doesn’t want to be your run-of-the-mill superhero origin story. It starts off heavy, with an established hero telling his story of how he came to be.”

    With three issues available so far, Project: Saviour continues to grow to tell a compelling story of classic good and evil but also one that can inspire others.

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