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Kickstarter Ending Soon for Starside

  • Creator Published Comics

  • Location: New York, US / Earth

    “When an extra-terrestrial fleet rips timid 16-year-old Jack away from his ordinary life on Earth, he is dropped into a war-torn universe where he discovers interplanetary slavers, a crusading army, and the origins of Humanity.” That’s the summary you’ll find on the back of Starside’s opening issue.

    Winner of ComixCentral’s 2018 Fantasy Comic of the Year, Starside is a sci-fi/fantasy series with big plans. What sets Starside apart is, as one reviewer put it, its “focus of something as epic as an alien invasion placed squarely on a single character as he experiences it all.” You can read the full review at

    You’ll like Starside if you like Star Wars, for its unique universe filled with countless alien races and its intergalactic conflicts. You’ll like Starside if you like Harry Potter, for its ordinary protagonist who finds himself in an unknown world with new rules and a bit of magic. You’ll like Starside if you like Lord of the Rings, for its fantasy influences, hero’s journey, and deep world lore.

    Issues 1 & 2 are currently live on Kickstarter. These issues serve as a two-part introduction to the wider world of Starside, introducing you to Jack, his quirks and anxieties, his family and friends, and how it all gets ripped out from under him.

    The first three pages of Starside #1

    The goal of Starside’s Kickstarter campaign is to reach as many new readers as possible. So feel free to back the lowest tier to get a taste of the series, or go all out for the variant covers and rewards. Either way, share it with someone you think might enjoy it.

    Check out the campaign, which ends August 11th:

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    Twitter/Instagram: @starsidecomic


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