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Rise of the White Phoenix: Book 1

    Live your dreams and kick butt! A comic about a young girl who wants to be a wrestler and her journey to make her dream a reality!


    Rise of the White Phoenix is a comic about a young girl named Luisa who wants to become a Luchadora: a Mexican wrestler. Luisa has been keeping her fighting a secret from her father, who does not approve, but he’s been keeping secrets too… 

    In Book One, Luisa is determined to find out if she has what it takes to go pro. Does she have the skill? Can she handle the pressure? 

    Read the 16 page prologue now!

    Set in Mexico in the 1950s, a golden age for Lucha Libre, we follow the triumphs and struggles of Luisa as she makes her debut in the wrestling scene. Becoming a Luchador is not going to come easy. 

    Fighting family, society, corruption and even your own doubts, it isn’t easy trying to live your dreams of wearing costumes and kicking butts… 

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    The Artist

    Lisa Lindsay LaRose is a Vancouver-based artist best known for her series of bizarre and colourful paintings. She paints, illustrates, works in the games industry and makes comics.

    Rise of the White Phoenix is her first full solo comic (doing both drawing and writing!!!) 

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