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Cover for THE ELECTRIC BLACK issue 1

Horror fans rejoice! Joseph Schmalke and Rich Woodall have delivered a masterpiece in THE ELECTRIC BLACK.

The first issue follows shopkeeper Julius Black and his cohorts as they “help” a customer who comes in wanting to sell a few recently obtained possessions. As Julius lets us know, “Everyone who comes in gets what they deserve.” And when you read this comic you get the same treatment. A nostalgic trip down memory lane to a time when horror was in its prime.

Schmalke and Woodall split the writing and art duties and it is a seamless transition between the two. Their work blends together like a cohesive unit that takes me back to the days of prime Eastman and Laird.

Modern day Crypt Keeper Julius, humors his guest by telling him the stories behind a few of the items that the customer finds interesting. This leads to two short stories THE RAT SHIP by Woodall and BIXBY’s MIRACLE DROPS by Schmalke. Both stories deliver amazing payoffs and after reading them, leave you feeling like you need a shower.

My favorite part of the book is what happens in the shop. As I was reading along I could never drop the eerie feeling I had. It was very unsettling every time Julius spoke and I searched the corners of every panel waiting for something to jump out at me. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but lets just say Randy Meeks would be proud of my awareness.

I cannot recommend THE ELECTRIC BLACK enough. My only gripe is with the fact that the next issue does not come out until July. Its a on quarterly release schedule and I will anxiously be awaiting the arrival of book two. In the meantime head to your Local Comic Shop and grab THE ELECTRIC BLACK issue 1 and while you are there pre-order book two using code MAY191893. As a side note don’t be afraid to stock up on some first printings of the first issue, it would not surprise me if Julius and Friends make their way to the Silver Screen some day!

Cover for THE ELECTRIC BLACK issue 2

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