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WARPAINT #4 Preview

  • Creator Published Comics

  • Selene’s battle against misogyny comes to an explosive end in WARPAINT #4

    UK indie musician Kev Sherry (Attic Lights – Island Universal Records/Elefant Records) and Italian comic artist Katia Vecchio (Wild Strawberries at The World’s End) bring you the final chapter of WARPAINT – a feminist tale of memory, regret, friendship, and betrayal. In Warpaint, Scottish schoolgirls Sophie, Michelle, and Selene fight against the misogyny of their upbringing and the indifference of the adult world.

    In this final installment, Selene puts tremendous pressure on Sophie and Michelle to take part in her ‘Warpaint’ protest while her personal life collapses around her. In modern-day Paris, older Sophie must make a choice about how she wants to live her life. The final issue in the mini-series is available now on comiXology.  


    “Both a cautionary tale and a triumph for feminism, Warpaint is one of the strongest indie comics of 2019. It should be required reading for teens everywhere.” – The Comic Book Yeti

    “Warpaint gives a loud, brash, and honest voice to the kids we used to be… so good I audibly gasped.” – The Valkyries

    “Comparable with 1980s coming of age films Stand By Me and Goonies, but told from a feminist perspective.” – The Herald (UK) 

    About Kev Sherry
    Kev Sherry is an indie musician, journalist and comic writer. He has sung in the indie guitar band Attic Lights since 2005 and released three critically acclaimed albums – “Friday Night Lights” (Island/Universal Records, 2008), “Super De Luxe” (Elefant Records, 2013) and “Love In The Time of Shark Attacks” (Elefant Records, 2019). His journalism has been published in New Statesman, Scottish Television and The Alternative UK. @kevsherry

    About Katia Vecchio
    Katia Vecchio is a comic artist and illustrator from Italy. She attended the school of comics in Rome and she worked as an artist for ‘Wild Strawberries at the World’s End’, a horror comic book written by Bruce Kim and published at NYCC in 2018 by Source Point Press/Comics Experience. @Katia_Vecchio_ 

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