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ComixCentral Welcomes you to

ComixCentral Welcomes you to

Today we are so proud and excited to announce! is an Indie Comic news site focused on bringing you everything you would want to know about any type of media involved with an Indie Comic property.

We will have a wide range of coverage including but not limited to creator interviews, comic news and reviews, Indie comic based movie and tv reviews, as well as so much more.

We hope to be at the forefront of the Indie Revolution. Showcasing the talent that gets pushed to the side by the other Comic book news sites, in favor of “Big 2” news. There is an untapped layer of talent in our community that the world needs to see and we want to deliver them to you on a silver platter!

So bookmark to get a head start on learning about your new favorite comics and creators!

If you’re interested in writing guest posts, please see our “Write for us” page.
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Joey Sheehan

Joey Sheehan is the Editor-In-Chief of both CXCBuzz and ComixCentral. If you would like to get yourself or your work featured on CXCBuzz send him an email at