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  • Mythics, Adobe Kroger Dame Commander, and Changeling form the basis of a shared indie universe


    Detroit, MI, March 30th, 2019: Coming exclusively from Wikid Publishing is Mythics, part of the Mythoverse a shared universe of indie titles that include Changeling: An Urban Fairytale, and Adobe Kroger-Dame Commander. The inaugural five issue story arc of Mythics is from the creative team of writer Matt Trinh, and artist Beth Varni. Along with sister series Adobe Kroger, and Changeling, Mythics will be part of a Kickstarter campaign coming April 25th.

    Mythics is a story that’s been waiting two years to be told.” Creator Matt Trinh says of the project. “The world it’s set in meshes well with Changeling, and Adobe Kroger that even a blind man could see that these stories could work well in a shared universe. While Mythics isn’t a story that can be read by all ages like Changeling, or as action packed as Adobe Kroger, what makes Mythics work is that it can go places in the supernatural world that Changeling or Adobe Kroger can’t for continuity reasons. In a way, if you want to explore this world without a real-world age constraint, or the restrictions of an in-universe order, Mythics is the book to do it in.”

    In Mythics, Maria Elthia Fletcher is a member of an ancient order that keeps the balance between the realms of the supernatural, and our own. In this story arc, Elthia (as she is referred to by other Mythics, and the supernatural) is protecting a changeling baby that is now in the middle of a two-way hunt. The witches whom intend to sacrifice the child to boost their own powers, and the paladins whom lost one of their own when he went to thwart the kidnapping of the child. With two dangerous factions looming over her, Elthia will need to use every trick she knows to stay one step ahead.

    Mythics Issue One cover by Beth Varni.

    Mythics Kickstarter Exclusive cover is by @Moonlightshadxw.

    Coming to Kickstarter April 25th.

    Changeling: An Urban Fairytale

    Tacoma, WA, March 30th, 2019: Changeling: An Urban Fairytale is brought to you by Wikid Publishing, part of the Mythoverse that includes Mythics and Adobe Kroger – Dame Commander. Changeling’s creative team is writer/creator Brett McGowan, penciler/inker Victor Campan, and colorist/letterer Ginger Foxy. The first volume of Changeling focuses on 14 year-old Maeve MacKenzie, a social outcast from Aberdeen, who discovers that she is a changeling, a faerie baby that had been exchanged for a human one. Maeve’s story is a coming of age story where she has to balance high school, church, and her newly discovered fae heritage, especially given that Maeve was raised in a devoutly Christian household. Maeve will struggle with identity and faith, a story any young person can relate to. Course along the way Maeve will deal with monsters popping up in her hometown, making friends, and meeting her fae mother which will set the catalyst for the book’s major plot arc; Do I stay with humans, or go back to the fae? Where do I belong?

    “This is story that comes from my own experience growing up in Christian household and the church, given that my dad is a pastor. It’s my hope to present an honest look at growing up in that culture” says writer/creator Brett McGowan. “Initially I didn’t intend to have Changeling be part of a universe but when Matt, Dan, and I discovered how well our three stories meshed with little to no changes, we just decided “Hey why not do this?” Changeling inevitably draws comparison to stuff like Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, which I don’t discourage because I think people will be pleasantly surprised by how different Changeling is from Buffy. I honestly drew more from anime I was into when I was Maeve’s age like Bleach and Fooly Cooly. This is a book that is going to be a lot of young people’s gateway into the Mythoverse and hopefully comics at large. While the book will have its darker and more mature moments, it won’t go into the same spaces that Mythics and Adobe Kroger will. Overall it will be a more lighthearted and wholesome affair. In fact, it’s my hope that this will be a book that matures along with its audience. You’ll get into this book when you’re young, come back as an adult and see what you missed the first time.”

    Changeling: An Urban Fairytale Issue One cover by Victor Campan and Ginger Foxy.

    Changeling variant covers by Ilija Grgich and Xenolith Comics

    Changeling KickStarter Exclusive variant cover by @moonlightshadxw \

    Adobe Kroger-Dame Commander

    Orlando, FL March 30th, 2019: Adobe Kroger – Dame Commander is one of the three titles which will be brought to you this year by Wikid Publishing, along with Changeling: An Urban Fairytale, and Mythics.  Adobe Kroger is written by Dan Sacharow, and features art by Leandro Panganiban and Lettering by Eric Weathers.  The cover will also feature colors by veteran industry professional Brett Smith.

    Adobe Kroger – Dame Commander tells the story of a world which was changed forever, 1200 years ago, by The Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne.  In this world, his legendary 12 peers, the Paladins, were a group of actual holy magic wielding warriors, formed as a counterattack the increasing depredations of chaotic forces formed by the gross misuse of the world’s magical energies.  These first thirteen holy warriors were so successful in their efforts against the demonic hordes that they grew into a world spanning order of holy knights called The Order of The Carolingian Cross.

    Leap forward to modern times, and The Order is stronger than ever, and is the power behind every world government and military.  Magic and Paranormal creatures and entities of all kinds still exist, but at the behest of, or under strict regulatory control by, the Order of The Carolingian Cross.

    It is in this world that we join Adobe Francine Kroger, a young and inexperienced Holy Knight on her first mission, to rescue a group of innocent girls from a Hedonistic cult.  Adobe is a young woman striving to defend the innocent from evil, but her horribly damaged past often presents her with internal demons far more difficult to smite than the flesh and blood variety she must face in the course of her sacred duties!

    Adobe Kroger – Dame Commander is best described as a character driven paranormal action thriller,” says Dan Sacharow, the writer and creator.  “Her story is one that’s been in my head since early 2011, and since then I’ve published a novel and audiobook titled Adobe Kroger – Knight Errant, which covers a particularly ‘interesting’ series of events in Adobe’s life roughly a year after the events of the comic.  Both the novel and audiobook are available on Amazon.  With that said, what I find most exciting about Adobe’s inclusion in Wikid’s Mythoverse shared universe is the fact that the world Adobe inhabits had already been largely fleshed out in the novel, but it required such minimal if non existant effort to fit it beautifully into the world of Mythics and Changeling.  We didn’t set out to form a shared universe, but it worked so elegantly that it seemed silly not to do it.  I think all three properties have been greatly enhanced by this organic collaboration.  I know for certain that Adobe has been.

    “One of the most important themes I hope to explore in Adobe’s story is the effects of extraordinary childhood trauma on not only the individual, but society and civilization at large.”

    Adobe Kroger – Dame Commander Issue One cover by Leandro Panganiban, colors by Brett Smith.

    Adobe Kroger – Dame Commander Kickstarter Exclusive cover is by @Moonlightshadxw.

    Coming to Kickstarter April 25th.

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